action_printemail - A script for sending email from monitor action.


 <action name="report-email">
   <param name="action-type" value="exec" />
   <param name="command">
     $RRFW_BIN/action_printemail | mail
   <param name="launch-when" value="set, clear" />


This program is designed for usage from a monitor action only. It takes the arguments from environment variables, as described in action-type exec in RRFW XML Configuration Guide. In addition, some values may be supplied via command-line arguments (see section OPTIONS below).

Site-specific variables must be specified in the file Default values are installed by the first run of make install. Subsequent runs of make install do not override this file.


Sets the URL of the grapher CGI script.

Uses given file as a template. The template file must reside in /usr/local/rrfw-0.1/share/rrfw/templates directory. It must be a Template-toolkit file, with the following variables defined:
 tree       Tree name
 token      Leaf token
 path       Leaf path
 url        URL for browsing this leaf
 ncomment   This leaf comment
 npcomment  Leaf's parent comment
 event      Event type
 monitor    Monitor name
 mcomment   Monitor comment
 timestamp  Time and date of the event
 env(VAR)   Environment variable VAR


RRFW site email configuration script.

RRFW template directory.


See more documentation at RRFW home page:


Stanislav Sinyagin <>