action_snmptrap, action_snmpv1trap - Scripts for sending SNMP traps (version 2c and 1 respectively) from monitor action. action_snmpv1trap is obsolete as the preferred SNMP version is 2c.


 <action name="snmptrap">
   <param name="action-type" value="exec" />
   <param name="command" value="$RRFW_BIN/action_snmptrap" />
   <param name="launch-when" value="set, clear" />


This program is designed for usage from a monitor action only. It takes the arguments from environment variables, as described in action-type exec in RRFW XML Configuration Guide. In addition, some values may be supplied via command-line arguments (see section OPTIONS below).

Site-specific variables must be specified in the file Default values are installed by the first run of make install. Subsequent runs of make install do not override this file.


Sets the hostname of the destination host.

--community COMMUNITY
Sets the community string to use when sending the trap.

--port PORT
Sets the destination UDP port.

--enterprise OID
Sets the enterprise field of the SNMPv1 trap to a given OID (see RFC 1157 for more details). This option is only available for action_snmpv1trap and will be ignored for action_snmptrap.


RRFW site configuration script for SNMP traps.


See more documentation at RRFW home page:


Stanislav Sinyagin <>