collector - RRFW data Collector.


collector --tree=TREENAME [options...]


This command starts the Collector process for the tree TREENAME. By default it forks into a daemon, sets the log output file to /usr/local/rrfw-0.1/var/log/collector.TREENAME.log, performs one Collector cycle, and sleeps until the next cycle is scheduled. In daemon mode the log file can be reopened by sending it a SIGHUP signal.

Collector cycle scheduling is controlled by two parameters defined for each individual configuration leaf: collector-period and collector-timeoffset. See the RRFW Configuration Guide for more details.

The number of OID (Object IDentifier) variable bindings sent by Collector is controlled by the datasource parameter snmp-oids-per-pdu. It is set to a default value of 40 in snmp-defs.xml, and may be overwritten at the host level.


Prevents the process from becoming a daemon and sets the log to STDERR.

Instructs the script to run once and exit. Implies --nodaemon.

Sets the log level to debug.

Sets the debug level to info.

Displays a help message.


RRFW site configuration script.

Collector's log for the tree TREENAME.

Basic variable definitions for the SNMP collector.


See more documentation at RRFW home page:


Stanislav Sinyagin <>